About Me

M. Christina Schneider, Ph.D.

Hi, I’m Christina. I believe that assessment works best if results are actionable for teachers and students. I specialize in strategically architecting test design processes that use learning science to bridge and enhance content and psychometric workflows to provide more instructionally useful score interpretations for stakeholders across the educational ecosystem. 

Why? Early in my teaching career I became fascinated with figuring out both how students learn and how to measure that learning which led to my career in assessment. For almost 20 years I have been simultaneously working in classroom and high stakes assessment and researching processes to better measure what students know and can do. I think about, write, research, and work at the intersections of curriculum and classroom and large-scale assessment to support teachers and students. You can find my research here.

I have been a classroom teacher, a psychometrician/researcher at a state department of education, an assessment vendor, and two non-profits, learning from my colleagues, mentors, educators, and students along the way. I hold a doctorate, two master’s degrees, and a bachelor’s degree from the University of South Carolina.  

If you are passionate about improving assessment development practices to provide equitable opportunities to learn and accelerate student learning, connect with me on Twitter,  LinkedIn, or sign-up to have my blogs delivered to your inbox!

What I Care About

  • Removing barriers for students to show what they know
  • Helping educators recognize differences in student thinking
  • Creating evidenced-based score interpretations from assessments that are valid and useful for teachers, district, and state stakeholders.
  • Creating cohesive systems to support teachers and students
  • Supporting and accelerating student growth

Teacher created checklist to determine where each student is located along the progression.

Standard cut out on strips and teachers sequencing them into six stages.
Teachers creating progressions based on their expertise, state standards, and learning science literature
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